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Joola Toni Hold:

A defensive player's dream blade.


Price: $58.00  $41.00


Joola Fetzner PowerAll (ALL+):

A 5-Ply all round blade with a drumskin effect.



Price: $45.00  $38.00


Joola Fetzner Cello (ALL+):
With this new allround blade you will get an ideal allround blade for optimizing your personal playing skills
Classical composition: 5 veneers, samba und limba, very thick core layer - safety and ball feeling are guaranteed. Just perfect - a new allround feeling!

Weight: 85 grams


Price: $43.00  $38.00


Joola Rosskopf Fire:

High torsional rigidity provides control with good speed. A finely glazed finish of the blade surfache is ideal for speed glueing. Precise and dynamic 7-ply blade for attractive pressure offensive play.

Weight: 88 grams


Price: $49.00  $42.00


Joola P. Saive Stress:

Outstanding 7-Ply offensive plus wood blade for attacking player.



Price: $45.00  $38.00


Joola K1:

K1 is derived from the word "kinaesthesis" relating to the perception of muscular movement. A special layer is incorporated in the handle grip which acts as a sensory expander, dampening the blade and increasing the feeling from blade to hand.
This reinforced ball feedback supports the unconscious control of the coordination mechanism and consequently helps the player to improve his/her play.

Weight: 80 grams.

Price: $49.95  $42.00


Joola K3:
A 7-Ply offensive blade. A valued extension of the K1 technology but in the K3 version the dampening zone has been enlarged.This results in a considerable shorter vibration period of the blade when attacking - i.e. better control combined with incredible elasticity.

Weight: 85 - 90 g


Price: $57.00  $47.00


Joola K4:

Joola has optimized the design of the JOOLA K4 grip by means of a new T-slot inside the handle shells causing enlarged dampening zones and also through a reinforced transition from the handle to the blade veneers.

Weight: 85 - 90 grams.


Price: $58.00  $48.00


Joola K5:

The JOOLA K5 fits in seamlessly: an extreme absorbing, elastic "honey"-comb is placed in the grip in such a way that the bat has to immediately restore its original form right after contact with the ball - this provides an enormous backstroke effect, which increases control and speed by far.In comparison with that, conventional (passive) designs can only slightly reduce the arriving oscillations and are not able to build up an active resistance.

Moreover, the proved RAG-Technology (RoundAboutGrip) of the K-Line provides a senso-optimized transmission between hand and grip, the guarantee for a sensitive play even in most extreme situations!


Price: $60.00  $50.00 


Joola Fetzner Balsa-Al:


Price: $56.00  $50.00



Joola Panther:

TEXALIUM - an epoxy resin fabric made of an aluminum coated fiber - harder than all known existing fiber materials (e. g. carbon or glass fiber) is incorporated into the veneer layers of the JOOLA PANTHER composite-blade.

The high density of the the woven TEXALIUM (embedded in Limba, Samba and Abachi-veneers) provides an unbelievable stable directive feature, especially at high stroke speeds - features that are otherwise only achieved with considerably heavier and thicker blades.

In addition TEXALIUM helps to enlarge to the best possible hitting area - thus in stress situations technically not clean hit balls can still be controlled.


Price: $65.00  $60.00


Joola Power Allround:




Price: $53.00  $41.00


Joola Offense:



Price: $53.00  $41.00


Joola Fetzner All-round:



Price: $53.00  $41.00


Joola Network:



Price: $53.00  $46.00


Joola Preassembled Hit:



Price: $29.00  $19.95

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